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List of potential niches for beginners

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I have a list of random niche you all can use .....I am using one of these and earning  5-7$ a day ...with only ONE of them :)

Affiliate Niche
Animal Niche
Art Niche
Baby Niche
Beauty Niche
Biography Niche
Blogging Niche
Business Niche
Car Niche
Children Niche
Child Development Niche
Classic Niche
ClickBank Niche
CMS Niche
Collections Niche
Communication Niche
Consulting Niche
Cooking Niche
Cosmetic Niche
Crafts & Crochet Niche
Diet Niche
Digital Photography Niche
Dramatic Niche
EBay Niche
Economic Niche
Education Niche
Employment Niche
Environment Niche
Essays Niche
Ethnic Niche
Family Niche
Fantasy Niche
Female Phases Niche
Fiction Niche
Fish & Fishing Niche
Fitness Niche
Gaming Niche
Gambling Niche
Gardening Niche
General Niche
Health Niche
History Niche
Holiday Niche
Home Buying Niche
Home Theater Niche
Humor Niche
Inspirational Niche
Interior Design Niche
Internet Marketing Niche
Investment Niche
Law Niche
Management Niche
Marketing Niche
Marriage Niche
Medical Niche
Military Niche
MLM Niche
Music Niche
News Niche
Niche Niche
Pet Niche
Philosophy Niche
Politics Niche
Public Speaking Niche
Real Estate Niche
Recipe Niche
Relationships Niche
Religion Niche
Retirement Niche
Science Niche
Science Fiction Niche
Seasonal Niche
Self-Development Niche
Self-Employment Niche
Self-Help Niche
SEO Niche
Sleeping Niche
Smoking Niche
Social Issues Niche
Sports Niche
Stress Management Niche
Travel Niche
Trees & Landscaping Niche
Wealth/Success Niche
Web Design Niche
Writing and Creativity Niche
Yoga Niche

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