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Small Web 2.0 list for backlinks and some SEO stuff

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I dont regard myself as an expert but hopefully this helps with some basic information to SEO your site. I quickly searched and i didnt see this list on here so heres some web2.0 sites to sign up to and make free blogs/pages to back link your site with. (might require a .edu email address to sign up)

that enough to get started. google "list of web 2.0" will find you many more!

Some quick points to consider as well..
Quality is better than Quantity in my opinion at the moment when it comes to ranking your site in google and that goes for the pages where your back links are as well as your main site.

If you regularily add and original content (1000 words would be excellent) to your main site this can help you rank well, the same goes for your back links. 

Create a blog on each of the sites and add a decent original article about your niche/download. Include a link to your main site you want to rank using your keyword as the anchor text. Its best if the link is in a relelevant block of text eg if youre targeting the keyword "blue widgets" then in the sentance "i like blue widgets as they are some of the easiest to find" you would make blue widgets the link. In raw html this looks like this

 <a href="" title="blue widgets">blue widgets</a>
You can then use whatever method is available to you for creating backlinks to these sites from fiverr gigs to black hat software.

From time to time add a new article (do not duplicate) to each of your to your web 2.0 pages you created and back link the new page you created.

Google likes to see a good range of different anchor texts pointing to your site as well so mix it up with as many variations you can find using the adwords keyword tool. And also use "click here", "", "homepage" etc. thousands of links with the same keyword are bad news for any site.

Also build links to the 'inner' pages of your main site ie not just the main address, but if you do this make sure there is actually a link on that page to your root page as that is considered good on site seo.

Speaking of on site seo your page should have your target keyword in <h1></h1> tags as well as the url if possible. Avoid overly stuffing you keyword too much in your site content.

Another thing to consider is diversity of back links. as a 'very' broad rule though avoid anything that uses automated software to link to your main site

youtube,dailymotion etc links to your main site
some .edu and .gov links to your main site (fiverr?)
scrapebox/xrummer blasts to your web 2.0's youve made
manual blog commenting and forum posts/sigs to your main site

buying links on Hi PR Blog networks (BHW/DP forums) is very effective but risky. if google discover the network and de index it you could get penalized. Point them to web 2.0's if you dont want to take the risk.

stumbleupon / diggs / tweets / facebook likes to every new article you publish (fiverr again)

Also, the only content i write myself is on the main site. Buy articles from fiverr or wherever for at least $1 per 100 words. Look into 'spinning' them so you can reuse them a few times. I use TheBestSpinner for this but there are free online article spinners out there.

How much of this you will need to do will depend on how competitive your niche actually is. You used to be able to use MarketSamurai for this (theres a free trial) but im not sure how accurate it is anymore.

Analyse your competition. 
Use free accounts on and to look at their backlinks and see if you can get links there as well.
Use to analyse their videos as well.
Sometimes you can find a related keyword that is easier to rank than the main one your already targeting so go back and add articles based on that keyword and keep building like that.

A good rank tracker will help as well. I use MicroSiteMasters as i track a lot of sites. Its a monthly subscription but worth it as you can enter what you did and when and keep an eye on what results your work brings. I guess the trial version of TrafficTravis would be good enough if you only have a few sites.

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