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[TUTORIAL] How to get ZERO Downloads!

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Ways to get 0$ for each of your downloads:

#1. Upload a file that says "omg you got haxed.txt". Because even as a punch in the face as it is, you also realize that the user can see your file name before choosing to download it. Hence, they leave your link and you get $0.

#2. Upload a 10kb music video! How? By renaming a text file or an image and renaming it as "Drake - Forever HD.avi" Because, you also realize that they can see the file size and so you want them to see that you renamed a small tiny ass file and you were just joking! Congratulations again! $0.

#3. When you advertise your file. Say something along the lines of "DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW PLEASE DONT WORRY IT IS NOT A HACK OR VIRUS!" Users love to read this because it actually says "Im f***ing with you, it's not real"
Downloaders need to see that you are extremely desperate for you to download their files. I think if you work on this one, you may get $0.

#4. Upload a Justin Bieber song.

#5. When you make your blog on blogspot. Make sure to use the default template or change it to a really cool plain background with white text.

YouTube Specific

#1. Post the full sharecash link. If you want $0, what you should do is post the entire sharecash link without using a shortener, that way, you will scare off 50% more of the people who would have at least clicked the link and said "ahh what the hell, why not". And 50% of the people who will immediately leave your video upon site of the link on the sidebar.

#2. Try to get rich quick and upload a really shitty video that you can barely make out. This includes: 
a)using Movie Maker and producing only a text video with the default BLUE background and Arial Font
b)Stealing another video or even making your own and uploading sub cell phone quality where you can barely see what you're doing or showing.

#3. Do not post any informative information on the sidebar, just simply put the download link (shortened or not) and say "Download RIGHT NOW!"

#4. Advertise that the file has been downloaded 500 times while the view count on your video is 4.

#5. Start your videos off with comments of yourself saying "Wow great! This is Awesome, Thanks!" along with the 15 negative comments that viewers are leaving, so that it looks like this:
"wtf this is fake"
"f***ing spammer"
"this is a virus noob"
"guys dont download this, its fake"
"wow great download!"
This is the best ever, omg thank you!"

With #5, you will definitely get 0$.

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